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The Digit ditches the Darkness

Inauguração: 4 de agosto, 2020
18:00, ZOOM e SOSartePT (FacebookInstagram)

There are times in our lives when we truly realise that Earth without art would be just ‘eh’. When artists give their HeArt, art can heal, help process and reflect events and bring light and consciousness to our lives. 

The digit in latin is originally the fingerbreadth, the unit of measurement based upon the finger. This human way of approximately measuring and putting things into proportion is one of art’s strengths. It is a way of processing the moment and giving perspective of what is. Digit later became a word for numbers below ten, countable with your fingers. So in digit there is something very tangible, analog and physical. “Digital” used to describe something that could be performed with fingers. Ironically now digital is the contrary of analog, it is the transformation of the tangible, visible into ones and zeros. A conversion into the sequence of digits, into zeroes or ones making a bit — a unit of information, the absence and the presence of a thread in the tapestry of life.

To ditch something is to leave it behind without warning. Because of COVID19 many projects were ditched and the artists felt left behind. Artists who have this capacity of ditching all the rules, abandoning the norm, and breaking through limits, can find the light by expressing the darkness. Without darkness we would not experience the light and even the smallest light will erase darkness. Or as Anne Frank puts it in her  confinement diary “look at how one single candle can both defy and define the darkness”.

SEM LIMITES is an opportunity to present the artist’s gift and to bring light into the present. Artists in a way ditch the darkness with a snap of a finger, digitally, and then digitise the result of the dialogue between paper and digit. It is time to focus on this digital presence and bring the work home and to people’s homes as so many of us rethink, restart and re-initialise.

For this exhibition I chose as many artistic approaches as possible and only the pieces that were made in 2020, trying to look for changes in the artist’s work and combining different artists together. It was a desire to create dialogue and sometimes tension in order to foster the SOSArtePT group spirit as a great chance to come together, rather than “me myself and I — solo ride until I die” mood. It is both that makes us strong, alone and all one. Ideally this project grows and the catalogue will be the documentation of the posts on social media a record of a summer month, an August with Art.

Together we are strong. This is why we created SOS arte PT.  Artists for Artists.

Altina MartinsPlâncton, 2020
Ângela DiasO Caderno de Pablo Neruda, 2020
Ana CaetanoDance for a minute, 2020
Ana Pais OliveiraAr livre #10, 2020 
António CastanheiraSpina, 2020
António Cerveira Pinto. Fortune Cookies, 2020
António Salvador Carvalho. A minha mãe é mais fit que a tua!, 2020
Beatriz Horta Correia. Ilhas de pedra, 2020
Beatriz Albuquerque. Art in a Time of Uncertainty, 2020
Bogdan Dide. Ondina, 2020
Carl Godinho. Alma, 2020
Carla Mendes Côrte-Real. Quarentena - Bandeira Portuguesa, 2020
Carmo Diogo. Em dias de quarentena, 2020
Catarina Domingues. Cartas da incerteza, 2020
Celensi Studio. The keeper of Memories, 2020
Cristina Castro. Água sobre água - 4, 2020
Domingos Leite de Castro. Sem título, 2020
Elisa Ochôa. Broken Wave, 2020
Felipe Raizer. Curvóptica - Fisionomia de Nós, 2020 
Filipe Romão. Ermo Lugar, 2020
Fátima Mateus. The light within - Shadow of a shadow, 2020
Graça Delgado. Em risco, 2020
Graça Romano. The Ugly in Us, 2020
Hernando Urrutia. olhAR-TE_AGORA-V, 2020
Inês Amado. Performative quarantine, Coluna, palavras apreendidas, 2020
Isaque Andrade. COVID-20 Coronavideos, 2020
Jorge Castanho. Contágio, 2020
João Bettencourt Bacelar. Lisbon Covid Series, 2020
João Ghira ZAinda sem título, 2020
João Paulo Barrinha. Treeptych - 1, 2020 
Katie Lagast. Streetstone Fakestone, 2020
Larysa Kalinichenko. Tentação iminente, 2020
Lu Mourelle. Olga, 2020
Luciana Padilha. Gaivota para colorir, 2020
Mafalda d’Eça. All different all the same I, 2020
Manuel Casimiro. Covóides-20, 2020
Margarida Sardinha. Pletora Tesselations - Stella Octangula, 2020
Maria Tomaz. Sem título, 2020
Martinha Maia. Maldito, 2020
Mário PiresInto the Woods, 2020
Paulo Moreira. PUNCH # redacção pandémica, 2020
Paulo Pacheco. Guernica do vírus, 2020
Pedro Almeida. Mascarilla, 2020
Pedro de Andrade. Efeito Pessoa, 2020
Regina Costa. Confinados, 2020
Regina Frank. theheartispresent_dailydraw, 2020
Ricardo Coxixo. Os lançadores de aviões, 2020
Rui Brás. Espírito do Vinho, 2020
Rui Martins. P.E., 2020
Salomé Nascimento. Contamination, 2020
Suzana Henriqueta. Por um fio, 2020
Suzana Queiroga. O mundo segue indiferente a nós, 2020
Sílvia Neto. Sem título, 2020
Teresa d’Azevedo-Coutinho. Confinamento amazónico, 2020
Tim Madeira. Shapes #5, 2020 
Vítor Pomar. As it is, 2020
Wanderson Alves. Na Pele - O Silêncio, 2020


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